AKG K845 Bluetooth Headphone review


Above is a photo of the AKG K845 bluetooth headphones. These are full size over the ears. Just in the photo you can see the Philips M1BT bluetooth headphones as a size comparison. The review will be live tomorrow for these, plus on Thursday my thoughts on which one is best. To give some perspective, both of these headphones went on sale at £250 and both are What HiFi 5 star award winners.

Anyway, today is all about the AKG K845’s. so let’s cover off the specs-

-Driver 50 mm
-Frequency Response 20-20 kHz
-Maximum Input Power 50 mW
-Input Impedance 32 ohms
-Sensitivity 102 dB SPL/V
-Cable 1.20 m
-Connector 3.5mm jack
-Weight 288 g
-Colour Black
-Battery Playback – 8 hours
-Bluetooth v3.0
-Basic inline controls for volume, calls, music play or pause


The first thing you will notice when you take the K845’s out of the box, is how large they are. But they do have 50mm drivers and protein leather ear cushions which in my listeners test are very comfortable regardless as to how long you use them. Apart from Bluetooth, NFC is present to help pair them, although I never once used this feature. It was simply easier to pair the old fashioned way. The headphones do fold flat to help with portability, but they do not compact down any further. The headphones are a closed back design with an emphasis on bass. Note these are not bass heavy sounding cans, more studio like sounding with that sudden rumble when the music includes the bass. I will come back to the sound in a minute.


If you cannot work out which side is left or right AKG have you covered as shown above. A simple idea that works. The AKG K845’s can be used via bluetooth but once the battery goes flat you can connect the included 3.5mm audio cable. In the box the only other item included is a usb cable for charging. There is no pouch or protective case. If you buy the Sennheiser Momentums these come is a hard case, ideal if you travel a lot.

So lets get the key stuff out of the way first. These headphones do not have the high quality codec APT-X. For some people this will mean excluding these from any short list. Let me say this just once. DON’T. The AKG K845’s do not have APT-X yet will wipe the floor with every headphone I have listened to so far that does have the APT-X codec, at lower, same and high price points. The AKG’s wiped the floor with the Sennheiser Momentums in terms of sound quality. The Momentums are far more stylish and practical as more compact and come with a hard travel case.

In terms of bluetooth functionality, the K845’s only come with v3. That means no bluetooth battery icon on your phone’s status bar. Another disappointment is the lack of bluetooth controls. You only have volume up/down and music play/pause. There is no previous or next track options. You can obviously take a call on these headphones, and the voice aspect is satisfactory.

I mentioned at the start that the sound is gear towards a studio quality with a slight bass slant. And that is exactly how I would describe them. High quality sound, precise, non coloured with some oomph as the track requires. The bass is discreet. These don’t pump bass out but when the bass is present it is a joy. It is authoritative, precise and accurate and a joy. I have owned the K551 which are bass neutral. I so much prefer the K845 sound. And here is the stickler. Amazon had the Sennheiser Momentums Over the Ears on offer, so I bought a pair of these wired cans expecting them to white wash the AKG’s but to my surprise this did not happen. The K845’s in bluetooth or wired mode just obliterated the Sennheisers.

The K845’s can rock out at high volumes. Classical, jazz, rock, blues, pop and dance all sound amazing. For a pair of closed headphones, the soundstage is wide. The mid and treble are precise and inspiring at times.
The detail these headphones can produce is fantastic. Truly a surprise. And they have speed, so rock tracks excel.

So in summary, they are comfortable, massive (so you might look odd walking on the streets with these), lack all the whizz bang bluetooth specs but sound excellent. A studio quality sound, precise, detailed, wide soundstage and with some enhanced bass, often at the sub level, but never in your face.

If you want to check out some of my other headphone reviews click here https://gavinsgadgets.wordpress.com/reviews-accessories/ . If you have any questions, please ask. I have used a vast number of cans.


13 thoughts on “AKG K845 Bluetooth Headphone review

  1. Hi, nice review! Can you please measure the diameter of the ear cups, the outer and the inner one (between the ear cushions). Also do you know/recall is the diameter the same or bigger with the K551? Ty


  2. Hang on a sec…

    “You only have volume up/down and music play/pause. There is no previous or next track options”.

    My AKG Y45BT headphones have the same controls, yet I can advance to the next track by pressing the “play/pause” twice or retreat to the previous track by pressing the same button three times.

    Surely the K845’s have the same control functions?


  3. I would like to see the AKG K845BT wipe the floor against my Sony MDR 1RBT MK2, playing FLAC files off my Samsung Note 4. Both my Note 4 and Sony MDR sport APT X, which allows me to play FLAC files..


  4. Thank you for an interesting review! I too own a pair of these k845 headphones and after four months of listening, they still sound to me the best headphones I have ever tried. Granted that I have not tried many but still.

    Your review was most informative and had all the key elements to make reading it worthwhile. I would recommend these headphones to almost anyone, even though they do not come with BT 4.0.


  5. Hi guys, just a small comment, the AKG K845BT headphone DOES support APT-X ! Which made my choice a lot easier. I got this confirmed by AKG themselves. These headphones are really great, sound, fit, durability, everything. The only issue I have is that my bt connection sometimes drops, but I think its a phone issue (Samsung S4).


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