My headphones for sale – Sennheiser HD518, Sennheiser HD239

I am selling a number of my headphones as below.

1) Sennheiser HD518 Headphone –  Photos see my review comes with box,  headphones and cables plus a Fiio RC-HD1 Headphone cable,  Amazon sell these for £110, now on sale at £76. The Fiio RC-HD1 upgrade cable for the HD518 costs usually £60, but on sale on Amazon at £33.90.

I’m asking for the Sennheiser HD518 and including the special Fiio RC-HD1 cable, £55 plus £10 towards royal mail special delivery. These are less than 3 months old. 

2) Sennheiser HD239 headphones –  Only the headphones included,  currently £69 on Amazon.  I’m asking £35 plus £5 towards royal mail special delivery. I bought these from Amazon in Dec 2013. I used these twice a month to record my podcast only.  They have otherwise been kept in a drawer. 

If you want any of these please contact me on Twitter @gavinfabiani or via email gavinfabl    at    gmail   dot   com

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