LG G3 – review – one month later

Stop, wait a minute I have owned the LG G3 for more than 2 weeks. In fact it’s just over 4 weeks now which is vintage in my life span for a phone. In fact, I can see myself owning the G3 for a while longer.

So what are my reasons for liking the G3 so much. A short answer is that it is really lovely to use. Here are my key takeaways –

1) Screen – yes it’s a 2.5K screen and who cares really. What matters is that the screen takes up nearly 80% of the front. Being all screen is a huge wow factor. First comments from friends are “that’s a real beast of a phone “. Having such a decent screen is a joy to use. To browse the internet. To admire my photos and edit them easily. YouTube now plays videos at the G3 screen resolution.

2) Gaming – guess what having such an all screen phone with tiny bezels makes it even more enjoyable to immerse oneself into all games. Attached to my Moga Pro Power game controller and it is a match made in heaven.

3) Double Tap/Tap to Lock or Unlock – double tapping to turn on or off just works. It really should be mandatory on all large phones. Or phones without a physical home button. The tap lock code feature is also neat and just works.

4) Rear hardware buttons – now that I’ve been using the G3 a month, there is no way I would want a phone without buttons on the rear. It really is simple to use. Firing up the camera from the off position is as simple as pressing and holding the volume down key.

5) LG QuickRemote software – it has a DVD Eject button as standard. Sounds simple but check your DVD hardware remote. It probably won’t have an eject button. Other manufacturers infra red software that I’ve used from HTC and Samsung do not have this option. LG is the first to have as this button as standard. Useful for me as my DVD eject button no longer works.

6) QSlide apps. Again a better implementation than others as not only can these be resized but you can also adjust the transparency. I just wished there was more apps to select.

7) LG’s multi screen mode is neatly integrated too.

8) LG software and launcher – there is everything to love about what LG has implemented. Customisable if you so wish from the icons, themes and even keyboard.

9) The built in keyboard is one of the best I’ve used. Adjustable height but more importantly accurate and fast.

10) Good quality sound via headphones and acceptable clean sound via the loudspeaker.

11) Camera. As easy as abc and takes good shots in most conditions rather than good shots only is bright sunlight. It is also fast and a pleasure to use.

12) LG Accessories. LG offer a number of cases and accessories for the G3 and they are all excellent. The LG Qi wireless charging stand is simple. At night I rest my G3 on the stand and by morning it is always showing battery at 100%. It just works. If I compare this to the official Samsung S5 implementation, the S5 qi cover and charging was a total nightmare and not worth the effort. The QuickCircle case is one of the coolest cases I’ve used in a long time. It just works really well for example – if you press down the volume down key to launch the camera, the camera fires up and you look through the circle and tap to focus and take shot. Simple and just works. Then there is the Slim Guard cover. This like the a QuickCircle case replaces the rear battery cover and provides a more rugged finish with a rubber outer edge.

13) Profile – make no mistakes the G3 is big. But it feels so small in the hand. And comfortable. Rear buttons. Double tap. And more make this big phone the easiest to use out of any on the market at the moment.

And a feature that surely should be optional on all android phones

14) Customisable menu buttons. From 3, 4 or 5 menu options and in any order you prefer, from home, back, recent items, multi window , quick memo, QSlide apps and notification panel.

15) Other features from the health app, smart notice and so much more I could continue for a lot longer.

So in summary, LG wanted to create a simple device. In practice it can be that phone but also tweaked to perfection.

Any questions , please ask away.


4 thoughts on “LG G3 – review – one month later

  1. I think the G3 builds on developments from other devices in a clever way. The Quickcircle screen is a better version of the Samsung S view cover, and cheaper. Having lost the use of a G3 for nearly a week I am not happy which tells me that I really like this device. The universe should become stable again tomorrow when I get my new G3 from amazon Germany.


  2. Yes, I must agree with you both, the G3 has become the best phone I have owned to date.
    Now I thought I couldn’t live without the Z2 part due to it having a dedicated camera button which was ideal for those underwater shots or the many camera shooting options ~ the G3 with no underwater and Auto camera only simply did not look like it would stay with me long………. but oh how I was wrong.
    It’s not waterproof by legal fact but twice now I’ve been caught in a ‘heavy’ down poor and both times I did not have a drop of a problem (pun intended).
    As to the dedicated camera button on the Z2, well the G3 does have it with the volume down.
    Finally that Auto button; who needs multiple camera shooting options when the Auto mode actually works and works rather well.
    Note: From someone who refuses to use the Auto mode on any of my cameras due to the fact it takes away the creativity from the shooter I never thought I would use the default camera on the G3. Even now I have to pinch myself to believe not only am I using the default camera but actually like it a lot.

    Will I update my phone when the next new big top end gets released (long silent pause), more than likely. However, will I get rid of the G3 (no pause) I very much doubt it.


    1. Seems like the UK networks have been slow to recognise the greatness of the G3. EE do not see it and Vodafone advertise it but it will not ship for a few weeks (not available on their web site when I checked yesterday). TalkTalk have the best deal, £25 per month including the LG g Watch and no upfront cost (16GB version, however). I suppose UK carriers are gearing-up for the iPhone 6.


  3. That and LG don’t do themselves any favours in winning the vote:-
    Recently I asked LG UK why is it their desktop software is Windows only (aka PC Suite)?
    Okay, the clue is in the software title granted but to not bother for any platform other than Windows (which basically was their answer minus the admittance) is narrow minded with heaps of little interest to the many Mac users.
    Great phone but again a poor support service.


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