LG QuickCircle Cover Case for the LG G3 – review

I have already reviewed the official LG Premium Hard case in Tan https://gavinsgadgets.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/lg-g3-premium-hard-case-in-tan-review/ for the LG G3, but now lets have a look at the QuickCircle case.


First be careful when you order this case. There are different versions. First make sure you get the version for the G3 D855 and not the G3 F400. The F400 is the Korean model which has different positioning for the Qi charging pins and a cutout for the TV antenna.


The version I am reviewing actually replaces the back cover and has the Qi charging pins. This is the better version as it offers the slimmest design as the G3 back cover is removed before fitting this case.


First up this case fits like a glove, is slightly larger than without a case, but is also super cool. With a range of clocks which look smashing through the circular cutout, you also get access to the notifications icons. Sliding across the clock reveals the apps chosen to be displayed. So you can take a photo which is full screen unlike the Note 3. The “circle” is activated by either pressing the rear power button or double tapping in the “circle” area. You can double tap to turn off too.


All the clock faces look classy.


The rear of the case looks nearly identical to the original back cover.


The only difference is on the top and bottom edges.


In terms of operation, it is very easy to use and offers a cool factor too. You can take a call with the cover closed and you can still see the notification led. This case works fine with the LG Qi Wireless charger. There is even a game for the QuickCircle window and other apps are arriving all the time.

So far this in my favourite case for the LG G3. I still have the Slim Guard case to review.

9 thoughts on “LG QuickCircle Cover Case for the LG G3 – review

  1. Gavin great review. I ordered this case from Amazon but it was the cheaper snap on version so returned it for a refund. Had to resort to ebay as UK online retailers don’t have this case in Gold in stock. I was surpised that the snap on version didn’t add much bulk. Also looking to the slim guard version.


  2. The top and bottom of this case is identical to the snap on type.
    I have the Gold snap on and think the back cover is better than the standard back plate.
    The snap on adds very little in bulk. Very impressed.


    1. I agree. In my case I was charged £33 for a case that is sold elsewhere at £24. May buy the snap on one now at the lower price 🙂


  3. Gavin, Expansys selling the QuickCircle case for a reasonable price. Thanks for the link. Ebay order was £28 from HK. Hopefully next week we should see Clove, Mobilefun, Handtec and Expansys with stock of the Gold version.


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