LG G3 vs Sony DSLR – macro shoutout – which photo came from which device?

I’m currently taking the LG G3 head to head with a Sony Alpha DSLR which has a dedicated macro lens attached.

So below are two shots one from the LG G3 and the other from the Sony Alpha DSLR. So which is which?




9 thoughts on “LG G3 vs Sony DSLR – macro shoutout – which photo came from which device?

  1. Interesting……
    It would part depend on what macro lens you have on the Sony Alpha. This would then give away a few more details such as Depth of Field allowance, aperture, light, etc.

    I have to say, without the details it makes it hard to choose….. which clearly is a testament to the strength of the G3’s sensor and software tricks.

    But…. I’m going to stick my neck out and say the top one is the G3 based on the the detail that the G3 can capture and the bottom one is the Sony Alpha based on the DOF.


  2. Gavin I have had my G3 Gold for a couple of days. I do miss the Samsung s-pen but otherwise the G3 is better than the Note 3 and wife’s Z2. Music reproduction on the right headphones is breath taking. So much detail! I’ve had some issues with 4G which had to activated using keyboard (phone app) codes and menus but beaides that I am very pleaaed. I am awaiting my Quickcircle case as the form factor of the G3 is perfect and a case as wuch is not needed. Also used tempered glass screen protector for the first time and that adds to the overall usability. No lag as I am not a big widget user.


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