LG G3 – Review – Part 4

Welcome back to Part 4 of my review of the LG G3. To read the previous parts, just scroll back a few days.


In Part 4 I am covering off the running apps options and multi-window. Tapping the bottom right running app on screen button (its bottom right in my case, but you can adjust it in to any position).


By pinching in or out you can change the view. This feature is not documented in the manual. By default you get the small app previews as show above.


But you can pinch outwards using two fingers to achieve large app previews. These can be swiped away as necessary, or hit the close all option to close all running apps. You can also have an alternative size.


Another feature of the LG G3 is Qslide apps. The choice is rather limited but you can have your chosen apps float above whatever you are working on. These can be resized too.


There is also an option to make them full size, close them and even using the slider as shown in the screen shot, fade them out as required.

Finally you can activate LG’s multiwindow. It has a smaller selection of apps compared to something like the Samsung Note 3, but being a bit simpler is easier to use. You simply select which apps you want on the top or bottom. You can swap positions once on screen, drag one part smaller or larger, or close or expand one half.


You even have the option for multi screen to enable and open when clicking on email links. I quite like this feature.


Tomorrow I will cover off more of the LG G3 smart features.

Once again, any questions, please ask.


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