LG G3 – review – part 2


In the second part, I am looking at the hardware aesthetics, and how the overall design works or fails.

The first thing that strikes you is just how big this phone is but then it does have a 5.5 inch screen and this will never fit inside 4.5 inches! I have used a number of phablet devices including the Note 3 and other larger phones from including the Sony Xperia Z2 and HTC One M8.

So how does the G3 compare. For a start there is no getting away from the fact it is big and for some people it will always be huge. However, it is damn comfortable to hold in the hand due to 2 design decisions. First there are no hardware buttons on the side of the phone. These are moved to the rear. This means, the phone has hardly any bezels making the 5.5 inch screen size shrink into the smallest profile possible. Next, as the hardware buttons are on the rear, the phone has been an excellent curved back and even weight distribution making it comfortable to hold. Really comfortable actually.

The front side hides the notification LED, proximity sensor and front camera. The bottom has the the headset jack, slim HDMI port/micro usb and mic. The top includes the Infra Red blaster and mic. The back has the power button, main camera, volume keys, loudspeaker, dual tone flash and laser auto focus. Hidden beneath the rear back cover is the built in Qi charging and NFC point.
Another bonus is LG manufactured the G3 with a removable battery and expansion with a micro sd card up to 128gb.

So as I am using the 32gb storage, I can have a total of 160gb storage. Sounds like a dream machine 🙂

I will just mention one function which is selectable in the first setup. That is choosing the Home or Easy Home mode. I think LG really nailed the easy mode. Below are screen shots from both.

First up, easy mode –


I absolutely love this easy mode. It is tempting to leave the phone always in this mode, but ultimately I prefer more control so use the standard home mode as shown below –


Tomorrow, I will look further at the software setup, breaking it down in to manageable chunks and highlighting some of the key LG software tweaks.

But lets finish on a cute note. A photo of George, taken on the LG G3 in full auto.

1 thought on “LG G3 – review – part 2

  1. When I compared the actual usable screen of the G3 to the Note 2, I noticed the G3 is a bit shorter and not as wide.

    Do you find this to be true also?

    Furthermore, the display seems a little “warm” in color. A white screen looks pinkish when compared to the Note 2.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Thanks for your in depth reviews.


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