Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – number 2

Samsung clearly like offers and deals. A 10% pre order discount, only to be beaten less than 2 weeks with a 20% off deal, and no price guarantee in say a 30 day period.

Instead, they request that you return you current device for a refund. Next create a new order using the 20% discount code. So Samsung are happy to pay the return postage for returning the original phone, and then the outgoing postage for the same phone just ordered but at a much lower cost. What they could not do was simply refund back the difference or part thereof..

All I can say is that everyone is happy. I have the same great camera phone and at a lower price and Samsung somehow still have my custom despite everything. Heck, I’ve even been offered 10% off anything until the end of the year from their estore. And the other day, Samsung called me and offered a one off 5% discount off the new Tab S when it becomes available to order. I think I might wait 2 weeks since we all know the discount will double!

So why did Samsung offer me 10% off anything from their estore? Well, I got an email apologising for the lack of free case, a 10% off code and a promise the K Zoom case would be posted next week. Now, since I have returned the original K Zoom which had the free case offer, I’m taking a sweep stake as to whether I still get the free case. So leave a note in the comments or catch me on twitter, saying yes I will or no I won’t or something else 🙂


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