Sony Xperia Z2 – second impressions – part 2

As I said yesterday, I have a Sony Xperia Z2 courtesy of the Clove Technology – The latest firmware got installed 2 days ago, and I have been out and about snapping a few photos. These are the full resolution to give you an idea what it is capable of shooting in good light. All the below where in auto mode.


This was inside a department store.



And now the below shot is using manual at 20mp. Notice much better clarity.


All these photos took less than a second to take. The quality is not too bad at all. It is not the best but the Z2 does seem to be able to take a shot regardless of the conditions and also has a number of fun camera modes.

So what do you think of these shots?

1 thought on “Sony Xperia Z2 – second impressions – part 2

  1. Have not checked for any exif data Gavin so again this is based on simple view from my iPad.

    Shot 1 & 4 do suffer from a lack of detail especially in the background but that is what happens when Auto is selected where it drops to 8MP.
    Shot 2 is better with low noise though still lacking detail in places.
    Shot 3 is on the money. It’s bright, clear and sharp.
    Shot 4 is just as you say, it shows it’s an 8MP shot. Zoom into the sign on the wall and you can not read the details properly on the history of The Three Gables. Lighting is also a bit dark especially to the left in the shade.
    Shot 5 is evident this is both 20.7MP and taken at 4:3. 4:3 is my preferred framing out and about as it allows more to be seen in both the horizontal and vertical. Being at full res and a larger frame is then ideal for cropping to 16:9 if required.
    However, the only problem with shot 5 is it’s similarity to shot 4 ~ lighting…. Again the lens is struggling to pull the low light on the left up in balance with the higher colours to the right.
    HDR could have been chosen to try and bring dark and bright together but at the cost of resolution and ultimately detail…. A tough call.

    If only Sony allowed HDR at 20.7MP 4:3 that would be ideal. It would save faffing about in having to change from one setting to another. For the majority of shots outside on a bright day it would be my setting of choice.


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