Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – review – Sunday thoughts

I had my first extended sleep in ages, so the news is slightly later than normal 🙂

Anyone, last night I installed Samsung Kies on my mac. I know, the dreaded Kies. Well after installing from Samsung’s website, it asked to download the latest version. Sigh. That installed. And then it needed a further 2 more smaller updates.

So was it worth it. Actually, it has worked much better than previous attempts over the years. I moved my music across from iTunes to my K Zoom. I did this as I am fed up of using Google Play Music and moving music to and from the cloud. I just wanted a large amount on my micro sd card that could be moved from device to device without using the cloud which can be slow.

I also backed up the parts of the K Zoom that android does not back up.

The small surprise was music quality was marginally better via the Samsung Music app. In fact perhaps a bit more than marginally. So here I am typing away with my K Zoom playing the music over Bluetooth to my AKG K845BT headphones. Bliss.

Happy Sunday everyone.

This goes especially to my podcast co-host Dave Rich – Congratulations, now turn off the tech 🙂


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