Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – review part 1



The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is an android smartphone on one side. Turn over and you have a 10 x optical zoom camera with xenon flash and optical image stabilisation.

This is the part will be first impressions of the Samsung K Zoom. Remember I am coming from the Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship, so I will highlight what is missing from the K Zoom versus the S5.

Taking the K Zoom out of the box, it felt heavy, and that is because it is at 200g. However, the more I used it, the more I forgot about its weight, until I picked the S5 up again. So before I turned it on, I charged it to 100%.

I started the process of letting the phone setup from a fresh start. But even as a fresh start, there were many Google apps that needed updating and a few Samsung options. Once all the core apps had finished updating, there was about 4.6gb storage space still free of the 8gb. I then peeped in the app drawer and to my surprise there was hardly any bloatware. Seriously a Samsung phone devoid of bloat, well nearly.

So then I started installing the same setup that I had on my S5, except instead of 40 games I have only installed 12. I then added another 64 apps and opened each app so that it created its own cache. I then installed some of the Samsung optional apps, additional camera pro select modes, and some other editing apps provided by Samsung. A quick check and 2gb storage available. Not bad.

So what’s the K Zoom like to hold. Well I said it was heavy, but it feels firm in the hand. In fact it’s curve and slightly narrower width than the S5 makes it feel super comfy to hold.

So coming from the Samsung S5 what am I missing? Fingerprint scanner. However, the K Zoom home button is much nicer to press. Feels smoother. But I did use the scanner and it’s security. Heart rate monitor, pedometer and S Health app. This S Health suite of services is sorely missed. Waterproof and dustproof. So now with the K Zoom if it starts raining I must be prepared unlike the S5. The K Zoom doesn’t have a notification LED. I noticed this first. Headphone sound. Musically it is just average and worse than the S5 even via Bluetooth the sound was average again. The built in loudspeaker is fairly loud. I miss is the S5 screen. Whilst the K Zoom is ok at 720p on a 4.8 inch screen, the S5’s screen is gorgeous. The S5 has options to change the screen mode and also has an adaptive and glove mode. These are missing on the K Zoom. Other items omitted are download booster, multi view split screen, one handed mode, private mode and air view.

The S5 is much slimmer than the K Zoom and switching between holding either phone makes that point obvious. But ironically, the K Zoom is better to hold. If you buy a lanyard strap, the K Zoom allows for this to be fitted but not the S5. One last thing, Ok Google from the home screen doesn’t work with just using your voice on the K Zoom. You need to press the microphone on the Google search bar widget.

Now as to the key focus of the K Zoom, it’s camera and optical zoom lens that will be covered off shortly but this might take a while longer to write due to the 27 different shooting modes. Then there are the Pro Suggest modes, of which I now have over 30 installed. Simply, the camera on the K Zoom is extensive. It has a newer version of the Camera Studio editing suite than the S5. However, processors are slowly taking over for the need for large optics. The K Zoom does not have live HDR. Nor does it have other S5 camera tricks like dual shot and 4K video. But then the S5 doesn’t have 100 of the K Zoom’s camera features.

So any issues. Yep. It’s crashed. Several times. Twice needing a soft reset to recover. Once the camera would start. Another time the camera widget lost it’s 6 presets. And then some random freezes.

In summary, I think Samsung have achieved a great feat with the K Zoom. The profile is excellent and yet I have a point and shoot and mobile phone all in one.

If you have any questions, please ask….

Update – to stop camera and all crashes. Exit the camera always by pressing home button.

Update 2 – some K Zoom photos. Click to view my Flickr album .


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