Part 2 – Moto X – Camera Samples vs Samsung S5

Ok. 3 more everyday type photos to compare. First photo is the S5 in each followed by the Moto X.




I think the S5 wins by a huge margin. The plate was white!

Overcast outdoors. S5 first again.



This one is much closer. My view is S5 wins but do you agree ?

Outdoors again with trees and buildings. S5 first once again.



Close again but the S5 wins. Look at the sky. Difference worth noting is the Moto X has Auto HDR where as the S5 has to be turned on manually.

So do you agree?

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5 thoughts on “Part 2 – Moto X – Camera Samples vs Samsung S5

  1. Yes, agree it’s the S5 that wins it here on colours and detail.
    Moto has a better overall sharpening which is more evident in the first shot (look at the outer edges and on the Moto they are better in focus, unless you had Spot selected on the S5).
    The Moto also fails with quite some transverse chromatic aberration casting purple fringing in the tops of the trees in the final shot.


    1. The S5 was not on spot. And I agree with your analysis. But for a phone that costs nearly half the price of the S5 I wouldn’t complain myself. Btw how’s the camera performance on the Z2 now you’ve had it a little while?


      1. The Z2 is much better than the Z1 ~ It has more accurate colours, correct sharpening and a very bright lens for such a small sensor.
        I compared it with the latest compact Sony HX60V digital camera and have to say if you take a straight 24mm shot the Z2 puts out just as good a picture.


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