Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera lag and tips for a fast response

I have had the S5 for 3 weeks plus and the one thing that really annoys me is the random lag. Sometimes it takes ages for the camera to fire up and shoot its first shot, by which time the moment is lost.

So I have been experimenting with various combinations to try and get the quickest first shot time. So what you have to do is install nothing. Well, it felt like that at first.

So, first up, in home screen, press recent apps list and select close all. In settings, lockscreen remove the weather, help, pedometer options and anything else which will need the phone to find other information from other apps. Under security select no security, swipe. Select include camera shortcut in lockscreen. Now this isn’t ideal having no security so in the long term this is not really recommended.

Open camera, press home key. Make sure camera is in auto mode with HDR off and the same for picture stablisation. You can always turns these back on.

Now, from the lock screen you can swipe the camera shortcut, and 9 times out of 10, the camera will be open and focused in less than a half a second.


5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera lag and tips for a fast response

  1. Thanks Gavin…. I knew there was another reason to purchase a Sony Z2.

    Seriously, why Samsung didn’t put 3GB RAM, or place/create a hardware camera button on the S5 is frankly weird.


  2. Initially I thought I had an issue with the camera as the WB seemed quite a bit off in the Red sector and talk about saturation….
    However, after a quick peek at the colours on my iMac soon told me the colours were spot on, the problem was with the colours on the Z2.
    Short trip to Settings/Display/White Balance and I changed the values to Red=0, Green=177 & Blue=177.
    Then switched off X-Reality for mobile and that did the trick…. Colours now correct and saturation totally gone.
    Camera is as sweet as a nut, much better than the Z1 even on today’s standards.

    As to the rest of the machine; it works beautifully.
    I have over 200 Apps installed and with that extra 1GB RAM the phone flies. No lag or locking up. It simply does everything it should.
    As to the problem in not being able to use the MicroSD Card (thank you not Google for disallowing this in KitKat) I got round this very easily. I simply changed to the built in file manager ‘File Commander’ and now transferring files between the Cloud or Internal to External is back to normal, no issues.
    Note: File Commander has a neat ability to select Cloud sites aka Dropbox etc. so everything can be done/controlled within the App.

    Finally, despite Sony’s skin I still use Nova….. So, by setting ‘Tap to wake up’ (double tap) and in Nova gesture double tap to shut down (double tap is linked to my App ‘Turn-Off’), what this means is I now double tap to switch on and double tap to turn off, I never need to touch the power button.

    Am I happy…. Oh yes I am 🙂


    1. Well wifey full operational now with her Z2. Should know in a few days what she thinks. Already using the dual speakers a lot to listen to music.


      1. Nice one Gavin….
        And here’s a tip considering listening to music:-
        Grab hold of a plastic food container (absolute mint size for sound is 8″x6″ with a depth no less than 4″).
        Now place the Z2 inside and prop it up with the plastic container laying on its side and switch on….
        Music is superb and watching movies with the sound as well takes it to a new level.


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