Samsung Galaxy S5 Free Gifts Issues – Latest Update

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There are 3 aspects to this Free Gift Saga.

1. Different deals from wherever you purchased the Samsung Galaxy S5. Certain networks or stores might have their own special deal on top of Samsung’s Galaxy Gifts (apps). For example if you bought the S5 from Carphone Warehouse between 21st April – 30th April you would have been entitled via Samsung’s website to claim a free gift on top of the free app offers. But you would get nothing as a free gift from CPW if you bought the S5 on launch on 11th April.

2. Let’s knock Dropbox on the head straight away. Simply, if you have ever redeemed free storage on your account “2 years free 50gb storage”, you cannot redeem this offer again. So the only option as suggested by Dropbox themselves was to use a different email to register. The only issue you might have is if you already had fixed amounts of storage with dropbox.

3. Samsung Galaxy Gifts. If you login via Samsung Apps on your PC or via the Samsung Apps app on the S5, categories , Galaxy Gifts, you will find around 10 offers worth supposedly £500. Some of these are limited subscriptions, and maybe worth a shot. For example Deezer provides 6 months premium music streaming. The terms vary from 3, 6 or 12 months, and some apps are included free of charge. As a side point it is worth pointing out the other category in Samsung Apps, Galaxy Essentials. There are a few nice pieces of software in this section. Anyway, back to the free offers of which 2 are not working. These are Box and the free 10gb of data for 2 years and a 6 months free subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

I made contact with Samsung and Wall Street Journal. In the end WSJ asked me to contact Samsung to resolve. Samsung have spoken to me several times trying to resolve this. Apparently, the WSJ offer is only for US residents. So I asked them why it’s showing as available in the UK? The saga continues.

The issue with not receiving the free storage with Box is unresolved, but I think it is a similar position to Dropbox. When I joined Box via my iPhone I got 50gb for life so maybe you can’t redeem any more free offers on that account.

More soon hopefully.


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