Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Official Charging Cover – Review with Samsung Charging Pad- updated

2014-05-01 17.09.44

Above is my Samsung Galaxy S5 fitted with the official Samsung Wireless Cover and charging on the new Samsung Wireless Charging Pad.

2014-05-01 17.04.43

In the box you get a manual and the cover itself. Picture below is the Wireless Cover on left next to the standard cover on right. Shown both ways.
2014-05-01 17.00.42

2014-05-01 17.01.15

Now lets have a closer look at the camera cut out on the Wireless Cover. Note the camera is now recessed slightly as well as the flash and heart rate monitor.
2014-05-01 17.02.07

So what are the differences between the Wireless and Standard Cover ?

Weight – The S5 with the Wireless Cover weighs 160g and with the default non wireless cover 142g.

Depth/Thickness – The Wireless cover is a few mm’s thicker. It actually makes the phone more comfy to hold as it has a better curve now on the rear.

Cases – none fit that I have at present with the Wireless Cover.

When the phone is placed on the pad, a message appears across the screen to say charging wirelessly. Overall I am impressed that I now have QI Wireless Charging on my S5. It also feels much better in the hand to hold.

Update – I’m having issues with the Samsung Charging Pad. It keeps flashing orange after a while so I will be returning this pad and another one I ordered as well. Once I get my refund on these I will try a Zens pad which is a brand I have used before with a Nexus phone. If that doesn’t work, then it’s the wireless cover that doesn’t work properly.

Update – I got a replacement Samsung Charging pad and it works just fine. No mad flashing orange light.


44 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S5 Wireless Official Charging Cover – Review with Samsung Charging Pad- updated

  1. Thanks much for this review; super-useful.

    It’s really really irritating that Samsung didn’t build wireless charging right into the S5.

    Even cheapy phones like the $350 Nexus 5 have built-in wireless charging.

    Who wants wireless charging if your phone will no longer fit in any protective case ?!


  2. Carrying a $650 smartphone around without a protective case seems like madness. But different strokes, different folks.
    My S5 was expensive enough that I’m hoping to make it last for at least a couple years.

    There are those wireless charging receiver cards one could slip in to the original case, but then the back bulges out and you lose the phone’s waterproofing.

    More effort next time please, Samsung.


    1. Not so, it does not bulge and fits the protective cover just fine and the seal is just as tight as without it. I bought/installed then Tylt Qi Built-In Wireless Charger Receiver, Energy Card for Samsung Galaxy S 5 and it works like as advertised. I have no problems with it. It does get warm but not overly so.


  3. How did you get this thing already? I thought they weren’t available until later this month. How much did you party and where’d you get it from?

    Have you found a case that fits the new back cover?


    1. I pre ordered at and (via Amazon themselves). At the time of ordering both showed 2-4 weeks, but then Amazon sent an email to say 2 days only. So I cancelled mobilefun.

      I imagine stock will be out of stock so you might have to do what I did. And none of my few cases I had fitted the new back.


  4. So I assume that does this not suffer from the issues with other wireless charging solutions for Galaxy S models? The problem where at 2 AM when your device has fully charged to 100% and the charger shuts off, it then drains a bit to 99% and then the charger kicks on again and the screen lights up and beeps, and then 2 minutes later it reaches 100%, repeat above cycle beep beep beep until it wakes you up.
    Do you get a beep and the screen lighting up when you place the phone on the mat?
    What happens when the phone reaches 100% charge?


    1. No it doesn’t do that. At 100% the charging pad turns off and never comes back on. However the charging pad led flashes orange non stop until you take the phone off the pad. Problem is if phone say gets fully charged by 2am it will have discharged say down to 90% by 6am.


      1. Thanks. It’s possible that my problem is caused by my cover – the Nillkin Sparkle Leather one, it has sort of a metallic sheen to it so I wonder whether there are small bits of metal in it that are causing problems.. Or an incompatibility between that and my no-brand Qi charger, sort of a black sphere cut in half and tilted.. If I remove the cover I am getting better results but I will need a few days to verify.
        If anyone knows of a light and unobtrusive S5 flip case with front window that works properly with Qi charging please post. Thanks.


    2. For those that suffer this problem there’s a simple app called ‘Mute’ by Stargazer that allows u to set your phone to Mute, Vibrate or Normal, use mute at night and it disables notification sounds but your alarm will still work to wake you up. I use the Choi wireless charger kit and it charges up to 100% and all i get is the notification light turn from red to green to tell me its charged. No sounds or screen waking up every 2 mins which is good.


  5. When you say that none of your cases fit with the wireless charging cover, can you list those cases? I have an Otterbox Commuter, just wondering if I’m screwed or not


    1. John, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with the Otterbox Commuter and got the official Samsung WiFi cover this week, put it on last night and the cover no longer fits like it used to (not a shock to me) but thought maybe it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Here’s what I’ve noticed so far:
      – When using the fingerprint unlock screen, the rubber lip lifts up and is much looser than before when you swipe your finger back
      – The BPM has a small gab between the phone and Otterbox, I haven’t tested to see if it works or not since I have the Samsung Fit watch and use the BPM on that device now. I did put my finger over the GS5 just now though and it’s not as flush as it was before, almost like putting your finger into a hole now.
      – There’s a 1 – 1.5 mm gab between the two pieces of the Otterbox (plastic cover & rubber protector)
      – When I need to get into the USB the waterproof tab gets hung up on the Otterbox plastic cover now (this is he biggest issue because I’m already nervous about messing with the tab knowing one little break, no more waterproof GS5)
      Conclusion: overall it still serves the “protect my $650 phone” if dropped, but I’m a bit worried how much pressure I’m putting on the phone trying to force this Otterbox to work properly. Not sure if this problem is connected but there’s been a couple things like my S Health App not coming up (black screen) this morning, had to reboot the phone before it would work again. and what water resistance/proofing the Otterbox might give is no longer possible (knowing my GS5 is waterproof doesn’t make me too concerned, but having twice the protection is great and I don’t like having my phone left unprotected)
      Hope that helps and I hope I can find a new cover that will provide the protection Otterbox has given me this short 3 months having the GS5. I haven’t seen anything on Otterbox yet and I tried to send them an email through their form but I couldn’t get a serial number to work to send the form through so.. ya.. #OtterboxContactUsFail Nice one Otterbox


  6. Nice review!! I have one of these being shipped from Overseas to the US. Paid $43 USD. I’m fairly sure that the Belkin Air Protect Grip Bumper will work with this cover. I have always liked bumper style cases and this combo SHOULD fit the bill for me quite nicely. I am supposed to receive my wireless back by Monday 5/19 or 5/20, so I can update once I have it set up, if anyone else is interested.


  7. So I received the wireless back today and immediately put it on and tried a few different cases. The Diztronic Matte Black TPU case wouldn’t fit with the wireless back, nor would the Spigen Neo Hybrid or Spigen Slim Armor. However, just as I thought/hoped, the Belkin Protect Grip Bumper fit perfect. In fact, the bumper fits better with the back ON than with the stock, non-wireless back. So, for those looking to keep the IP67 certification, OEM look/feel, while also using some sort of protection for bumps/dings, this combination works, and works well. Hope this helps anyone out there that might be looking. I also wanted to point out – I noticed the reviewer didn’t like how the phone was charging. I have the Tylt Vu Charger and absolutely love it. It charges the phone to full, then the LED light goes green and continues trickle charging until I take it off the charger. So, the behavior is identical to what you see when you plug your phone in with the wire (light turns red until full charge, then green indicating fully charged, thereafter trickle charging until you unplug). Cheers!


    1. Thanks Tony R, I followed your advice and got the belkin protect grip bumper and it fits perfect. Amazon didn’t have the color of grip bumper I was looking for, but Belkin had it on their site. Used code EARTHDAY20 to get 20% off the purchase as well…


    2. thanks, this is very helpfull. we needed protection. although it’s too late allready. but when screen repaired we will get the bumper!


  8. Even Blackberry does wireless charging built in, what is Samsung doing. This is pissing me off. I want the case and wireless charging, that isn’t asking too much in my opinion. Just want you to buy more stuff I guess.


  9. I have tried 3 different cases after receiving my samsung wireless cover for my s5 and nothing fits. man this sucks. other than the belkin has anyone found anything?


  10. Hi, I have the S Pad Mini Wireless Charger and official back Wireless chagrin cover Samsung. I have the problem of orange led flashing. I don’t know if it’s the cover or the charger ?
    Can you please help me ? I replace both one time but I always have the problem when I charge my phone during the night.


    1. Just send it all back. The Samsung implementation on the S5 is poor. I had same issues. It’s very sensitive to placement and in your case there appears not enough power getting to the wireless pad. Or the phone has too much charge in it.


  11. I read your reply but I don’t find if the problem can be solved with a pad “no Samsung” .
    In your review update you write “Once I get my refund on these I will try a Zens pad which is a brand I have used before with a Nexus phone. If that doesn’t work, then it’s the wireless cover that doesn’t work properly.”
    What was your conclusion with the Zens ?


    1. The problem lies with Samsung. The didn’t include all the necessary circuitry for the qi charging to work properly. I had used zens wireless pads before with no issues. However, with the S5, it kept charging the phone as it could not turn off or turn back on. This meant there was a lot of heat. So not a solution.

      The workaround is to use a qi ultra thin card inside the standard non wireless back cover with a qi wireless charging pad. The only downside of this is you will lose the ip67 rating for dust and water resistance.


      1. Ok. Thanks for these explinations.
        So pad and this cover will be good for my car where I can easy shut down the pad.


    2. Use the CHOE Qi Wireless Charger Kit, half the price of the official Samsung one and works great with a larger 70x120mm charger pad makes placement easy and i don’t get any issues with it. Charges to 100% every time, no screen wake up or notification sounds when reaching 100% etc. Very good bit of kit.


  12. I wish there was a case option when using the charging back. TOTALLY SUCKS Samsung didn’t default the QI feature and accessories don’t work when the Qi back is used, Why would u have this phone without it? and then why would there be no accessories that accommodate the Qi back.


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