Samsung Wireless Charging Pad review

2014-04-23 17.32.16

The new Samsung QI wireless charging pad arrived a few days ago. Unlike other QI pads I have owned this one is small in size, insanely small and very unobtrusive. It is half the size of the Samsung S5. In fact it has the same depth too. In the small box you get the pad and a manual. Nothing else. Not even the Samsung 2 Amp Mains charger that you will need to use this product. If you use a lower than 2 amp charger it will flash its light. So that means having to use the 2 amp charger that came with the S5. So if you want another pad you will need to buy the official Samsung 2 Amp mains charger as well. At £34.99 I was not impressed it did not come with a charger.

It has a indicator light. When you connect a power source it goes from red to green to orange. The light flashes orange when not charging properly. It flashes green when using a charger under 2 amps.

The advantage of this method of charging is the intelligent electronics that stop the phone being charged once fully charged. It is also simpler just to place phone on top and you therefore won’t need to use the USB port on the phone and in turn open the flap that covers this port. But you will need the Samsung Wireless back cover for this to work. I am still waiting for mine to arrive in the post.

If you want one of these Clove Technology have them in stock.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Wireless Charging Pad review

  1. Nice simple review and to the point. So very expensive are Samsung products. £20 is the report for 1 replacement band for the new gear fit.


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