Samsung Galaxy S5 – updated views

I have had the S5 for about a week now, and it has grown on me. The hardware is not as sexy as the HTC One M8, but it is easier to manage as it fits nicely in my hand. I do wish it was marginally slimmer, like the HTC One M8, but you cannot take away the fact it is comfy in the hand.

Unlocking by the fingerprint scanner is a pain in the a*se. So I have now switched it off. Even holding the S5 with 2 hands it was never consistent enough and often took several attempts. Apple really have nailed this particular process.

The complexity of the options actually make it a very good phone with all the settings and options you could wish for. Once you have set up what you want and how you want it to perform, you then can just go about your way enjoying the S5.

It does frustrate me though. The camera is like marmite. You either get blown away with the photos or left disappointed. Talking of camera, somehow the settings got changed from shooting at 16mp to 6mp, and I don’t recall changing them myself.

2014-04-16 10.07.20

The lockscreen has coloured dots for my pattern unlock, TV remote controls and camera shortcut. Rather nice homescreen.

Bluetooth Audio – I connected the S5 to my Sony SBH80 stereo headset. Great music clarity and bass. Good voice etc… no issues here.

Clearly the S5 is meant to appeal to everyone and in that regard it succeeds, but if you want something special there are plenty of other options and choices out there.


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