The 2 Hottest Phones – Samsung S5 or HTC One M8 – Camera Fight

Quite simply on the internet there is a huge bust up between the Samsung S5 16mp ISOCELL and HTC One M8 ULTRAPIXEL cameras.

One way to decide is with photographic evidence. So head over to a large selection of photos from each, and then let everyone know your verdict.

HTC One M8 Photos –

Samsung Galaxy S5 Photos –

And lets get really serious. A huge fight between the HTC One M8 4mp Ultrapixel vs Nokia Lumia 41mp Pureview.

So what’s my view on which has the better camera out of the S5 or M8.

M8 – the fastest gun slayer in the west. Not afraid of the dark. Ideal for capturing something quick. Or photographing any moment. Clever tricks with the duo lens, loads of fancy editing tricks too. Automatic editable video highlight produced for each event. Small file sizes makes for quick sharing on social networks. Photos printable up to a max of 9 X 7 before quality drops due to lack of pixels. For many people this camera is perfect. You will take many good shots of your loved ones, friends, kids and pets as well as superb scenic shots. Both the front and rear cameras have a huge field of view (wide angle). And then it has all the manual control including a 4 second shutter speed.

S5 – Less tricks than the M8 but much higher quality results if the lighting is good. Some macros are as large as 8mb. Suffers in low light. Slightly slower than M8. Good quality camera with some incredible outputs. File sizes average 4-6mb so your data plan will get consumed fast if you share a lot when out and about. At first I was very disappointed as it kept blurring photos of my dogs that the M8 had no trouble with. But now I’m bowled over by its delivery.

In reality, 2 different cameras both class acts in their unique design but for me the HTC One M8 is my favourite.

6 thoughts on “The 2 Hottest Phones – Samsung S5 or HTC One M8 – Camera Fight

  1. I have the M8 and am very chuffed with the quality of the pics. Especially when I took pics of the kids going high speed down a slide and totally in focus, as was the video. Colour is great and the features too. Find the smile capture a bit strange though as tends to miss the smile by the time it do ds it and takes the pic.

    Overall I am very happy with my new phone, only had a week but although is massive, I prefers to my iPhone!

    Thanks for the reviews Gavin.


  2. Very nice and objective review of those high end device cameras.
    Many people actually only see the direct output of megapixels in broad daylight and therefore declare the S5 as the direct winner over the M8.
    I own the M8, but still respect the sheer quality of the S5 images if lighting conditions are right. But in general, the M8 camera was more appealing to me, for the same reasons as you already stated (speed, color range, small file sizes and some nice gimmicks with the second sensor).
    Really nice comparision!


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