The Protection fitted to my HTC One M8

You have the lovely HTC One M8 in your hand. If you are lucky it came with a free silicone case. But that case takes away the beauty of the phone.

Instead, I found on eBay. This is a crystal back case. It doesn’t offer much protection but it does allow for the beauty of the case to shine through, whilst recessing the volume buttons, which means you don’t accidentally press them. It stops the aluminium getting scratched mainly, and hopefully should the phone get dropped stop it getting damaged too.

On to the screen protection. I hate plastic screen protectors, so now use tempered glass. I bought this on eBay. . This is the Nilkin 9H tempered glass. It came with screen cleaners, and was applied with zero dust issues. It looks perfect fitted.

What do you use with your M8? Let everyone know in the comments.

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