HTC One M8 – Daily Blog – Review – Another Day

Another day has passed and its been a roller coaster of a weekend. Why? Well, I got to play with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and that got me drooling after one. Luckily, this spell didn’t last long.

So back to happy days with the M8 and thinking about the little things on a phone that can make it really a big news item.

And the little thing is a button created on the HTC Watch Infra Red app called “Eject DVD”. You see, not only does the HTC IR blaster have a terrific range that also means it is not necessary to aim directly at the TV, it is also programmable, something that is missing from its competitors. My DVD player eject button stopped working several months ago and the DVD remote did not have an eject button on it. Luckily, I was able to buy an universal remote control that did have this option. But now by using the learning function, I have this option on my HTC One M8. Genius.

Another reason why I love the HTC One M8.


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