HTC One M8 – Daily Blog – Review – Day 6 – Kid and Camera options

Another day with the HTC One M8.


The top power button. If you press and hold this you have 4 options. Power Off, Airplane Mode, Kid Mode and Restart. All self explanatory.

I have had a good play with the camera. There several key ways of using it. One is use it in full auto so you can use the post focus editing effects as detailed yesterday.

If you want to change from the rear and front camera you can swipe across the width to switch.

So Camera mode is the simple way to take a photo in full auto. Or you can within that mode adjust the flash mode, ISO, EV, AWB, Camera effects, Camera settings and camera mode. Camera modes are auto, night, HDR, sweep panorama, anti-shake, manual, portrait, landscape, backlight, text and macro. In manual you can also adjust the metering point, shutter duration as well. The camera settings include make up level, image adjustments, crop, grid, geo tag, review duration, self timer, storage, continuous shooting, auto smile capture, touch to capture, shutter sounds, volume button to either be used a volume, capture or zoom, tips and tricks and reset option. The camera effects include normal, distortion, vignette, depth of field, dots, mono, country, vintage, vintage warm, vintage cold, grayscale, sepia, negative, solarize, posterize and aqua. With distortion, vignette, depth of field and dots you can adjust the effect level.

In video mode you have settings from full HD at 1920 x 1080, HD, QVGA and MMS. After recording a video you can trim its down in the editing options.

Selfie mode. Uses the front camera to record photos or even a video. Also has a 3 second countdown.

Dual Capture – a bit pointless but takes a picture uses the front and rear cameras. You can move the front image to wherever you want on the screen.

Manual mode – if you use certain settings on a regular basis you can save your own camera mode that will appear as a new mode in the mode screen.

Zoe – this is slightly improved from the original HTC One. It still takes 1 sec before and you press the shutter, 20 photos but if you press and hold the shutter button for more than 4 secs “locked” appears. You can continue shooting now in video. After recording a Zoe you have additional editing options. These include GIF creator, Sequence Shot, Always Smile and Object Removal.

I will post samples from some of the modes detailed above, but if you have any requests please let me know. Tomorrow I will post my theories on the Ultrapixel.

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