HTC One M8 Daily Blog – Day 4 – Review

Welcome back everyone. Here I am at day 4. I’ve had the weekend to use the HTC One M8 more as a phone and camera. I’ve also been reading the debate on the internet over the 4.1mp ultrapixel rear camera. And it’s getting boring. HTC take on cameras is most photos never leave the phone or end up getting shared on Facebook, twitter or Instagram. So what you have is a camera that takes photos in all lighting conditions and really fast. It then allows you to worry about the editing effects afterwards with special effects and filters.

So what does that actually mean? Well it equates to me snapping a photo of my 3 dogs so fast I captured the moment all 3 had their heads facing me. It was only a split second. But the M8 captured the memory. It was also a lovely shot and I used some of the editing tricks to make it even better. It was also in low light indoors. I tried to take a similar shot with the Note 3 and every time it missed getting all 3 dogs in the frame or the shot had blurred dogs. I was hoping to upload some more photo samples which use the second camera but man flu and the weather has prevented that.

However, I have had a message pop up in the camera saying it was switching back to using phone storage and not the sd memory card as the memory card was not saving the shots fast enough. And that is with a Class 10 micro sd card. And that gives you an idea as to how fast this HTC camera performs. Fortunately, after shooting photos, I move the saved ones to the memory card, and guess what as the lens is 4.1mp the file sizes are so small using phone storage isn’t a problem.

With previous android phones I normally switch to an alternative launcher like Nova or Apex. If you buy this phone, then it’s important to remember that I recommend you don’t install these. In fact, you need to keep HTC Sense otherwise you will lose too much of the HTC experience. I know some of you will install your favourite launcher immediately. Hold fire for at least a few weeks. What I have found that even after 4 days the user experience keeps improving. The interaction of the software and hardware is phenomenal. It’s better than iOS 7. And that’s a bold statement as iOS 7 is awesome in its own right.

Blinkfeed. For the first time I don’t think I would want anything else as my main home screen. It just keeps impressing me more and more. It combines items of interest I’ve selected from the internet and my chosen social media along with local content on the phone. So on Saturday, at around 6pm when I went to get a pizza from Dominos, Blinkfeed had restaurant recommendations that were within a few miles of my current position. Now I had selected in the options for restaurant recommendations but it was great to see it in action. Information is pulled from Foursquare. I don’t use this service but information was still provided by it. Later my TV reminders were pulled into Blinkfeed. Then yesterday, my calendar entries were showing along with a F1 news item. You can also theme Blinkfeed. Go into settings, personalisation, themes and select one of the current 4 themes.

The themes also change everything throughout the device not just Blinkfeed. Some screenshots below of how the changes look.



And now with a green theme.


The themes change everything throughout the device. Even the highlights on the keyboard. You can still have your own wallpaper if you don’t like the theme wallpaper.

More tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “HTC One M8 Daily Blog – Day 4 – Review

  1. I agree about trying out Sense 6 it is good and quick. And I can see myself using BlinkFeed more. As I said before reminds of how the original Desire changed the perception of Android. By the way the signal quality is better than my Z1 so pleased.


  2. I agree with your HTC sense verses launchers. I love the sense so much.
    I used to have Nova on my previous phone. Sense is amazing.

    I am also a BlinkFeed fan. Never thought about having it as my home screen. On my to do list 🙂


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