Hello HTC One M8 – daily blog and review part 1a

Following on from my camera samples, I thought I would not to a review or first impressions but cover off how I am getting on with the HTC One M8 every few days or so, or when something interesting happens.

First impressions. The phone looks fab. It feels great and solid in the hand. In the box is a groovy looking UK adapter and usb lead, headset, silicone case with flaps to protect the headphone and micro usb port and leaflets.

Before you setup the phone properly, go to the software update and check for an update. There is a 110mb update. This is an important update as it improves the camera and adds many features.

I am using the HTC Launcher for now and have setup Blinkfeed as my homepage. It certainly has improved since owning the original HTC One. You can add many services and search for new ones too. I have also installed 90 Apps/Games and have 4.83gb internal memory free.

I have encountered a few bugs with the camera and the refocusing feature, but I need to explore the camera more, read the manual over the weekend and then decide if it is user error or a bug. I have also noticed different file sizes on the camera photos from 1.2mb, 3mb and even as large as 7mb. I am still trying to work out what settings are providing the higher quality outputs.

I setup the TV remote last night. It was so simple vs the procedure on the Note 3. In fact, the HTC One is simpler and easier and faster at most things. Its speed is effortless. Its screen is beautiful. The TV remote app is far superior to that found on the Note 3 with a clear and more functional layout. I like the fact my favourite TV programmes will appear in my Blinkfeed as a warning to watch them nearer their start time. Also from the TV guide from within the app, sliding right to left pulls up trending info on the programme or film you are watching. Rather neat.

The motion controls are simple but effective too. Picking up the phone and double tapping unlocks the phone. With the screen off, slide your finger left to right or right to left and you launch Blinkfeed or your widgets.

Anyway, once I have got to grips with all the options I will report back. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please let me know.

And if you can support Clove Technology with any of your smartphone needs even better.


3 thoughts on “Hello HTC One M8 – daily blog and review part 1a

  1. Looking forward to hearing your review. The HTC is so slick and quick and has a great screen. Sense 6 is unobtrusive. Music playback on headphones is loud and neutral with good bass control. Reminds of the great revelation when I first bought the original Desire in 2010.


  2. Boombox speakers also more precise than in the previous version. I’m really liking this device. Will be selling my Z1 on ebay.


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