Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – lifetime 3 monthly update

Ok, I know it’s not a lifetime, but 3 months worth of ownership of a single phone by my standards is a lifetime.

The real test is whether I can survive the next few months or even weeks of new phone launches. Now some of you may say I tweeted I had picked up a 5C and a LG G2. Well I did, but they were not for me but 2 friends respectively. I still had a little peek though. Loved the G2. The 5C was great too but the screen felt cramped.

Going back to the Note 3 it just keeps on impressing me the more I use it. Also the spec sheet is still ahead of many phones. It possesses stunning audio quality via headphones, a huge battery and screen and is so versatile that when I read the new specs of soon to be released phones I keep thinking I’m not buying that as it won’t change much. Even the camera on the Note 3 is way above my expectations.

The Note 3 is a joy to use and seems to excel in most areas. This is going to be a very difficult phone to part company with.

Maybe, next month I will be eating my own words. So who reckons I will have a new phone in April?


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – lifetime 3 monthly update

  1. Gotta agree with ya!

    Had mine since launch and keep thinking should I change it? Then I look at the latest releases and think…..nahhhhhh. No point. This phone has it all already.


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