Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 the phone to set new sales records?

According to T-Mobile US and Carphone Warehouse they have both received more pre registrations enquiries than the outgoing S4. T-Mobile US has already had 300,000 enquiries.

Sounds amazing but how many people will actually convert their interest into orders? How many people will have shown interest on multiple sites?

One thing is for sure, this phone will sell and will probably out sell all other offerings until the new iPhone arrives later on this year.

My other concern as with any new model, is there will be a surge of activity in the first few months and after that interest may subside. This is when the S5 sales longevity will be key to its success.

So who has this on their radar?


2 thoughts on “Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 the phone to set new sales records?

  1. Having second thoughts now. Will probably focus on getting my tablet solution sorted and then wait for the Note 4. The Sony Z Ultra still has a lot of life and my Note 3 will connect to the new Gear Fit. So case for the S5 for me is not compelling. But j have said many times this is not a device for geeks but for the mass market. And in the UK I am not sure the iPhone 6 will remove Samsung overall from the top sales charts. I see a lot of special offers at the moment for iphones, probably because sales have slowed down.


  2. Where once I bought into the Samsung hype I now have a different view.
    Fed up with the same-o same-o design, plastics, gimmickry add-ons that eat into that pathetic 16GB only version.
    I have now moved camp and for the time being my in-tent is up in the Sony field.
    If the iPhone 6 comes out with a decent enough size I may also try one out as well.


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