Add Holidays to your Google Calendar

Google’s Calendar app has been improved.

Google has added the option to include official holidays from 30 new countries to their Calendar app, ranging from Australia to Brazil, and of course the UK and USA.

Log on to your computer, go to Google Calendar, settings, Calendars, and subscribe to holidays and select which country.

Now go to your tablet or phone and make sure you tick to turn on syncing for subscribed holiday calendar.

6 thoughts on “Add Holidays to your Google Calendar

      1. Ok, thanks.
        Whilst I am here my calendar is populated with the additional:-

        UK Holidays
        Holidays in the United Kingdom
        Phases of the Moon
        My home team (Football League)
        3 other persons calendars (shared)


  1. Yes Gavin.
    I have not checked recently but if you go to Google Calendar and drop into Settings you should find an option for additional Calendars.
    Simply tick the ones you prefer.
    There are a load more others to select…….. Well there certainly used to be the last time I checked. 🙂


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