Samsung NotePro 12.2 available for pre order – plus free GamePad

Samsung is offering the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 for pre order at £649 plus including a free gamepad.



Unveiled at CES 2014 this looks quite appealing although it’s weight might be an issue for some versus the lighter iPad Air.

It’s scheduled to ship on the 4th February 2014. So whose ordering one? Or tempted?

Updated – it’s £100 cheaper at Carphone Warehouse currently.

2 thoughts on “Samsung NotePro 12.2 available for pre order – plus free GamePad

  1. This is quite interesting because for me it throws up another question……..
    If this were the new Apple Air Pro 12″ I would most likely pick one up in a heartbeat.
    However, I can’t seem to fall into the same excitement or desire for the Samsung model.

    It’s nothing to do with Samsung or Android as I still have both a Note 10.1 and an Android phone but the whole experience with both my iPad 4 and iPad Air have been quite remarkable.
    Prior to the Apple devices I would use the Note 10.1 with my big 19″acer laptop. However the day I picked up my iPad 4 things changed; the iPad was much better in every day use and the laptop was consigned to the corner hardly ever being powered. In fact it was only switched on monthly just to keep any updates err updated.

    So, yes I would love to have the additional screen estate and no the weight would not bother me but is it enough………. Heck, those iPads are that good they are making me think twice about the new Sammy.


    1. I would love one of these with the 4 apps running in each quarter. But I can’t justify the cost when I have an iPad that will suffice for everything I need for many years to come.

      I also think the application of the S Pen and the Samsung Magazine UI is a neat touch.

      But as you said, what will Apple bring to the table in 2014 ??


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