When will android have an iMessage equivalent?

When Google announced the new version of android v4.4 kitkat, I was a little excited to learn that the Google Hangouts app had incorporated SMS. I thought Google had an iMessage equivalent.

Apple’s iMessage app sends a message to another iDevice and if there is no internet it changes it automatically to an SMS. It a simple solution and allows Apple users to send messages from their iPhones, iPods, iPads and Macs. And it all works without thinking.

Google’s solution is just to lump both options in one app. It doesn’t combine them to revert to a hangout message automatically. So whats the next option. Well Samsung is starting to roll out an updated version of its messaging app ChatOn that will include SMS too. I haven’t seen it working, so at the time of writing unsure as to how well it is integrated. Of course, there is the issue of how many people actually use ChatOn!

So sadly it looks like there isn’t currently an iMessage alternative on android. Maybe Google will update the hangouts app to combine these services?

Are you aware of an android equivalent?

1 thought on “When will android have an iMessage equivalent?

  1. Gavin! Check out PPLCONNECT – it’s working towards being the iMessage equivalent of Android & does some pretty amazing & innovative stuff. Have a look on the Google Play store if you get a chance


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