Apple Plymouth the mixed shopping experience

Since this Apple Plymouth store has opened I have only ever experienced top notch service.

Saturday was a mixed affair. I was asking one of the sales assistant if I could examine the red leather case for the 5S out of the packaging so I could see what it would look like with my phone. He refused. What’s odd about this is that every single time I have bought a case from Apple, including Apple Plymouth this has never been a problem to remove the case from the packaging.

I reminded the sales assistant I could just buy the case, open it, not like it and return it within 14 days. There was no comment. Anyway, I told him not to worry and I would keep browsing.

3 mins later another assistant came out and within minutes he was opening the packaging of this case and 2 others. Now that I had seen the cases on my 5S I was in a position to decide which one to select. So I told the assistant I would have all 3, and added “you can never have enough cases”. He grinned and I paid and left the store.

So what was up with sales assistant number one?

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