Sony is releasing OTA updates for Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra

Sony is pushing over the air updates to its Z1 and Z Ultra. These are quite important updates so you may want to request the software update from within the system settings l.

With the Z1 the upgrade brings several camera tweaks and new camera algorithms for better all round performance. There have also been some changes to the Sony smart camera platform, which now enables built-in apps to run more fluidly.

The Xperia Z Ultra update brings optimized touchscreen sensitivity for fingers and styluses, therefore, effectively broadening the range of input methods, empowering the device to compete with the likes of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note III.

In addition, both the Z1 and Z Ultra will receive battery life enhancements, display calibration tweaks and significantly faster e-mail synchronisation over Microsoft Exchange.

Sounds like very good updates.

1 thought on “Sony is releasing OTA updates for Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra

  1. An observation.

    The Sony Z Ultra is smaller than the Samsung Note 8, but they both are small tablets and the Note 8 can be bought with 3G and LTE. The Note 8 3G version is as low as £350 while the Z Ultra is close to £600 (but has LTE and higher resolution screen).

    Now the new Note 10.1 (2014 edition) is £479, and this is the wifi only with 16GB of memory. The old Note 10.1 is now less than £350.

    Why is there such a price difference between these devices? There is a premium if the device is new (e.g. the price of the Note 3 has fallen by £100 in one month) but also I think because of the high resolution screens. I am not sure the Snapdragon 800 adds that more cost to the new Note 10.1 and Z Ultra.


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