Netatmo Urban Weather Station review part 1

A few days ago I wrote about my early days with the Netatmo Urban Weather Station. To recap on the earlier part click here.

The Netatmo Urban Weather Station has apps for iOS, Windows Phone and android. Below is a couple of screen shots from the iOS app.


But it also has a PC web app. I will write a more complete review soon but I thought I would show you the view you get when using the PC web app for the first time.


I have since discovered that there are some third party apps that works with the Weather Station. First is WeatherPro for iOS. Baratmo for Mac OS. And for those android fans, there is also a widget with the official app.

Screenshot of Baratmo – with this all you get is an icon in the status bar. Click on this and the following pops up as below.


With WeatherPro you can fully integrate the Urban Weather Station into the app. First it appears in the list of favourites.


And then you can tap on it to get more detailed info as shown below. You can scroll down for even more info, or hit the top right bar chart info to get specific graphs on an individual item of weather, similar to the Netatmo official app.


So what do you think of the data available?

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