Netatmo Urban Weather Station for iOS and Android

On Saturday, I somehow ended up in the Apple Store Plymouth and exited with the Netatmo Urban Weather Station.

Later on in the week I will review it in more detail as it does an awful lot. In essence you get 2 sensors, one indoors and the other for outside. It all connects via wifi to your wireless network, and the setup is done by connecting your phone to the indoor sensor that then proceeds to setup the units.

The aim is to have accurate indoor and outdoor weather data. From temperature, air quality, co2 levels indoors, sound levels, forecasts and more. You can check what’s happening using the android or iOS app, or even log into the web app on your PC anywhere in the world.

You can even open up access to friends or other weather fanatics.

Below is a screenshot from the weather station. Top half is outside. Bottom is indoors and co2 levels. There are many many other views but these will be covered in the main review.


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