More views on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear

You may recall blog reader Jah left some views on the Samsung Note 3 and Galaxy Gear.

Jah left some more comments on both which you may find useful if you are still undecided about buying either devices.

“Gavin, I know you have a very long history with PDAs as well as Smartphones so hopefully you’ll appreciate that the Note 3 is really what PDAs should have been. That is, providing a set of integrated PIM apps and ability to take notes. The Note 3 s/w is so much more integrated now and I am using S-Planner as my primary PIM (with data added via Action Memo) and once Blackberry launch the BBM for Android I may sell my Q10 as I have been very impressed with the keyboard on the Note 3. So I may only use Android in the future with two devices (Note 3 and my new S4 Active). The battery on the Note 3 has also surprised me. I would say that it is 30% better than the Note 2, which itself was very good. But for serious note taking I still feel more comfortable with my Note 8 tablet. But given the superb quality of the digitiser and S Pen on the Note 3, I may even end-up selling my Note 8. Will give it another 2/3 weeks of testing.”

“I’ve been using BT watches for years and find the notification aspect useful. Also I had a couple that allowed me to control my mp3 player which I found convenient. My Gear is more capable and in particular I like the quality of this wearable. I think it is a niche. Like all good products if it does solve a problem then will not be successful. By the with careful battery management I can three working days of life from the Gear.”

If you have any further views on the Samsung Note 3 or Galaxy Gear, please leave a note in the comments.


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