Which new iPad would you want?

With Apple rumoured keynote this Month approaching and the expected iPad updates which iPad would you chose? Or if you would rather have a different tablet, why?

Just in case you haven’t read any news in the tech world the next full size iPad will be based on the iPad Mini hardware. This will make if 2mm slimmer probably 25% lighter and potentially feature some other wonderful novelty like touch id. The iPad Mini should receive a retina screen and remain fairly the same otherwise. It may also get touch id finger print scanner.

So ultimately it’s a choice between a 9.7 inch screen versus the smaller and pocketable iPad Mini. Because I take lots of photos I found the Mini screen too small so sold it a month ago ready to get the larger full size iPad.

But what would you prefer? Or would you rather save money and buy a Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle or Tesco Hudl tablet which will cost 50% less approximately?

1 thought on “Which new iPad would you want?

  1. Without a shadow of doubt Gavin once the iPad5 hits the street I will pass on my iPad 4.
    I have a number of tablets at various sizes from Asus & Samsung all at the premium end but to beat my iPad would take a huge push.
    The iPad has taken over 90% of my laptop duties where before using any of my Android tablets it never happened.

    So yes, I’ll be looking for the largest memory iPad 5 they will be selling.



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