Sony Xperia Z1 views a week later


Just some thoughts a week later.

First up the whole hardware is gorgeous.  I love the finish and style. I also like that it is water and dust proof.  The addition of the magnetic charge point is also a nice touch. 

The sound via headphones or using bluetooth is excellent. 

I have had a few reboots and a permanent freeze requiring a hard reset. I wasn’t impressed by this. Why is a phone being released in this manner?

The camera. It takes poor photos compared to what you would expect being its main selling point. Out of several hundred photos only a few were passable. Blurred. Heavy noise. Lack of focus on the sides of the photo. My wife’s old iPhone 3GS has been able to take more consistent and better photos. The same goes for the HTC One. Samsung Galaxy S4 and so on.

The Z1 flies. The S800 processor clearly works a treat. And the battery life goes a proper 24 hours with heavy use.

So as long as you don’t need the camera it is a reasonable piece of kit. My view is that in this market a sub par camera is not really acceptable.

Available from Clove Technology.

5 thoughts on “Sony Xperia Z1 views a week later

  1. Is the audio out through headphones near HTC One like loud and clear? I assume the bluetooth supports apt-X here, would like to know about this Sony’s bluetooth audio streaming quality compared to the competition..
    If possible how would you compare the Xperia Z1 to iphone 5s audio playback?


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