Review of the Sony QX10 lens

To recap on all the earlier articles and sample photos click here.

In this article I am going to discuss the settings and options using the QX10 from within the Sony Playmemories app. And to be honest there isn’t many. Sony clearly wanted this used in auto mode. Maybe the app will get updated with more features. However, I think Sony wanted the QX100 to be more complex and keep the QX10 simple.


When the app fires up ready for snapping photos this is all you see. Top right is the mode selector and just below you get little icons appearing warning that you might need a tripod, or your shaking the lens too much and the scene it has selected.


Tapping top right reveals the 3 modes. Program mode only gives you control of exposure and white balance.


The white balance options are as below.


Tapping the mode top right reveals a choice between photo or video.


The settings icon pulls up a menu as follows.


There is also format memory card. Most of the settings options are self explanatory. You get an option to set the size/resolution of photos.


The option to select whether the camera copies the photo to the device and the file size. Either 2mp or full size.


The other options is the zoom in and out. Represented on bottom right with the W and T. These buttons are also on the lens itself to use without the phone. The lens also has a shutter button.

And that is all you really get in terms of control from within the app.

I do recommend the following. Download and install the app. Turn the app on and lens. Enter the lens password found on the manual front cover book. Wait for connection to finish. Exit app. Turn lens off. Reboot your phone. This will ensure smooth operation.

If you have a Z1 or Z phone , Sony will soon be releasing a dedicated case to attach the lens to your phone. The SPA-ACX2 for the Z1 and the SPA-ACX1 for the Z. If you use this special case you can remove the bottom clamp attachment. The clamp stretches to a width of 75mm.

I’ve used the QX10 successfully with my Nexus 4 and new Nexus 7 2013. These worked fine but after configuring app I had to reboot both devices to ensure a smooth operation. With both these devices you did get occasional lag on the screen when moving the lens. With the Sony Xperia Z1 I have not witnessed any lag.

There are many uses for this lens. It can sit flat on a table and then be operated remotely. You can hold it and put it in tight positions. It has good low light and zoom capabilities. And it is hassle free to use.

I like it a lot. And don’t forget you can use the lens with your iPhone and android phone.

8 thoughts on “Review of the Sony QX10 lens

    Many thanks Gavin, this is exactly what I was looking for.

    All I now need do is find someone offering the QX10 and spa-acx2 case and I will be good to go.
    Later I will also get hold of the QX100 where I am sure the fun will begin.

    So looking forward to adding these lens to my collection of cameras & lens.



      1. Damn. I hope they offer a larger size clamp that would fit on the smaller 6-8″ tablets. I was getting myself excited to buy it.


      2. It doesn’t necessarily need a larger clamp. The clamp section comes off from the qx10. It can then attach to special cases for the Xperia Z and Z1. It’s a Sony spa-acx2. What we need is a universal version in different sizes of this.


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