Quick impressions of the Google Nexus N4

As mentioned in my First Impressions of the new Nexus 7, I also received the Nexus 4 smartphone.

Above, the N4 is shown on top, with the Samsung Note, N7 and iPad Mini at the bottom. The N4 is approaching one year old, and consequently has now been updated to the very latest android 4.3 software. This has improved the phone over its first release a year ago. Google is likely to release a replacement for the N4, the N5 which will offer potentially better specs but the cost will be higher than the reduced N4 pricing. Many reviews have been written about this phone, but I thought I would add my insight.


I have installed 100 apps/games. With this number of apps/games I needed a better launcher than Google’s to manage the ease of access of all these apps. The above screenshot shows Apex Launcher with more rows and columns and the icons reduced to 85% of size to fit more on one screen.

The phone fits nicely in the hand and is a pleasure to use. It is fast and nippy and not full of bloatware. Everything works very well. The loudspeaker is adequate just about. Headphone quality is good and has ample volume. The camera is 8mp and so far the photos I have taken are reasonable. I had heard the camera was below par, but for most people it will do nicely. However, compared to the Nokia Lumia 925, it is about 30% behind. Features like Photosphere are great fun, and now Google does full quality uploads to Google+ and then notifies you when it has auto awesomed your photos.

But the key message is sim free and unlocked you can buy the 8gb for £159 or 16gb for £199. Terrific value and I am happy with my new phone. For now that is 🙂

Update – Qi wireless charging is built into the N4 just like the Nexus 7. I received a Zens charging pad and it works a treat with the N4. Also using Google’s full resolution auto photo upload service is fantastic. Take shots on the N4, view them after Google has auto awesomed them on my N7. Photospheres are incredible.

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