The Hot Watch – with private patented calling

The Hot Watch is a kickstarter campaign for a smart watch that does significantly more than any other previous watches.


Meanwhile, the current crop of smart watches still requires your phone for basic functions like texting or making and receiving a call. Enter HOT Watch™ with Patent Pending Hands on Talk Technology that redefines what you can do with a watch, enabling you to send and receive messages while allowing you to make private calls without touching your phone.

HOT Watch™ comes bundled with Call Features (Private call, speakerphone, contact download and caller ID), Messaging Features (text, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Text Reply), Smart Phone Apps (weather, stocks, calendar, news, music control, phone finder), Watch Apps (Pedometer, note capture, fall detection, calculator), Time Features (alarm, timer, stopwatch, multi city time) and SDK for custom apps.

For all the above features to work, your smart phone just needs to be in close proximity of your HOT Watch™. The Typical Bluetooth connection range is 20-30 feet. You will still require your phone for more advanced functions like, GPS, internet browsing, camera or other smart features not listed above as supported by HOT Watch™.

HOT Watch™ is the first watch to support all the call features and limited Messaging features with any Bluetooth enabled phones. More advanced features are supported with iOS and Android devices.

Makes the Pebble seem so basic in comparison.

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