Verizon announced the new Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx and killed the Moto X excitement too

The other day Verizon launched updated versions of their Droid phones. However, what was really clear from the announcements was the fact these were versions of the yet to be revealed Google Moto X smartphone.

Even the software features Verizon highlighted were just renamed features of those likely to be announced soon when Google finally releases the Moto X to the world.

The Droid line up was really impressive, from the Mini offering identical performance and specs as the larger screen models except in a smaller 4.3 inch variety. The larger 5 inch versions are identical practically except for 16gb and a normal battery life or the Maxx that comes in 32gb memory and 2 days battery life. All 3 have 10mp cameras and feature heavily in the use of voice and gesture control, the same as the Moto X is rumoured to include.

Whilst the specifications are extensive what I noted was the Droid Maxx. This is what all phones should have. That is a true 48 hour batttery life.

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