Phone Brands – observations in the Big Smoke

About a year and a half ago I had the pleasure of travelling away from rural Devon to London.

I was sat on a underground train in London and observed iPhone after iPhone after iPhone.

Move forward to today and once again I’m in the Big Smoke. Compared to Dartmoor, Devon , London is noisy, congested and filthy.

This time phone brands observed are different. Apple still features a lot, but very noticeable was a plethora of Samsung phones. BlackBerry seemed to feature in small numbers too . I seemed to be the only person, using a HTC One, or any HTC .

Samsung not only had a strong presence but it was the size of these phones. S3 and S4 but plenty of Samsung Galaxy Notes. Despite the size of the Note , whenever I observed one, it was a female owner.

Back to my HTC One, it clearly shows what an uphill battle HTC has to gain market penetration. The same for windows phone.

There is hope for windows phone though. I took my daughter into Carphone Warehouse. She currently has a £50 pay as you go Samsung android phone. It’s rubbish but actually for £50 it’s amazing. Does everything a £500 phone does but with dreadful performance and feature sets. Anyway, I asked my daughter to go and look at all the phones and pick one she liked the style of, ignoring price. I also reminded her I wasn’t buying anything! So this was just a pure selection on style. The winner was the Nokia Lumia 925.

And then we get on to tablets. People were using these in small numbers. I even witnessed photographs been taken with tablets!

So there we have it. Samsung have clearly moved into Apple’s space and big screens as a daily driver are even more usual.

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