Did you buy a Samsung Galaxy S4? A new model is released that addresses the hardware faults of the first – read on

That’s right, in Samsung’s home market it has just released a new S4. Of course to get around you not feeling ripped off, Samsung are calling it the S4 Advanced. Yeah right!

So this new model has a Snapdragon 800 chip that can handle more LTE networks and runs at a  faster speed, hence reducing lag. If I recall, Samsung was meant to have had its own chip that did all this in the original S4 but Samsung had problems with it. So now to address the lag they will be using a faster chip. Nothing else on the hardware front is new apart from the internal memory.

If you recall, the S4 was released in the UK and most parts of the world as a 16gb phone, that only had 8-9gb free memory. What followed was anger from users and more. Everyone agreed the S4 should have been 32gb internal memory as a minimum. Well guess what? This version is being released with 32gb.

I’m not sure how I would feel if I had bought the original S4,  but I wouldn’t have been too happy.


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