Sony Xperia Z Tablet SGP-DS5 Official Dock review

Yesterday the postman was all about the Z Tablet, and along with the Zenus case came the official Sony Dock .


The dock is a very simple affair, a plastic base with a micro usb slot and a pivoting rear plate. The dock costs nearly £40 and doesn’t come with a micro usb lead or mains plug. You are meant to use the plug and cable that came with the tablet. Connecting the lead is very simple as shown below.


You then take the Z tablet and it beautifully glides down into the dock. Effortless.


You can then adjust the angle too. However, as soon as the tablet is docked the smart connect app launched. Screen shots below.



With this app you can create actions that occur when the tablet is cradled. In fact you can do this for any accessory, and as you can see I have a number already working with the Z tablet.

Once docked you can adjust the viewing angle. I must admit when I first took the dock out of the packaging I was a underwhelmed. But in use it is rather neat. Is it worth £40. That’s debatable. Would I recommend it. Yes but only if you’re rich.

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