Samsung Galaxy S4 memory saga – Part 2

On the 15th May 2013, I copied a response from ASA the regarding my complaint around the lack of memory on the Samsung Galaxy S4 16gb version versus that being advertised. Since this article, the Samsung S4 has featured on BBC Watchdog. In addition, Samsung has released a software update that allows for apps to be moved to the micro SD card. BUT, this is a step forward, but not a perfect solution. Any apps on the SD card won’t be able to have their widget working on the homescreen. Also, moving the app or game to the micro SD card only moves the app not the game data. With large games, game data can easily be in excess of 2gb.

Anyway, following my email, and the ASA response, I had thought the matter was closed. That was until yesterday when I received a letter out of the blue.

Photo of letter below.
2013-06-13 16.24.07-1

So what caused this letter? I wonder if the ASA has received more complaints and has had to reopen the case? It does seem odd whatever the reason? Clearly many people are not happy with their 16gb S4’s.

And Samsung, where are the promised 32gb and 64gb versions?

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