The Samsung Galaxy S4 Pricing Fix

3 weeks ago the Samsung S4 launched with prices from the largest retailers asking £629 sim free. These included Amazon and Carphonewarehouse.

At the same time, and clearly not a coincidence the networks began offering the S4 on 2 year contract deals that made it financially more viable to select a 2 year contract instead of buying it sim free.

The sim free price did cause outrage and apparently it was Samsung who set this price, and clearly in collusion with the networks.

Why do I think this ? Well not even a month later the sim free price has dropped by £130 to £499. Both Carphonewarehouse and Amazon are selling it at this price now. Let me repeat that, the price has dropped by £130!!!!

In my opinion this behaviour is scandalous and ripping off the consumer.

A good example of treating customers fairly is Apple. Buy an iPhone on first day of release and its price doesn’t drop in price until the new iPhone appears.

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