iOS or Android or Blackberry or Windows Phone

Have you ever visited a website that has the word mac, or Apple, or android, or windows or Blackberry used in its title, or that promotes one operating system over another. It is rare to find a site that isn’t biased towards one system or one manufacturer.

Why does this happen? Fact of life. Advertising. Appealing to get more views and more advertising. PR companies send free phones to a lot of these websites, with NDA agreements and such like. If a manufacturer is spending thousands or more on advertising you are not going to slate their new phone.

That’s why Gavin’s Gadgets is so non biased. Look around. No advertising. And any devices reviewed have been bought from my pockets so far. I genuinely love tech and everything with a pulse. That is anything with a on / off button that does something techie. Even my vacuum cleaner is a gadget. It’s a Sebo. It has sensors that detect thickness of carpet or floor covering and raises or lowers the height from the floor. It flashes as it adjusts the height. Hoovering is so much more fun.

So what operating system do I use or prefer. Well believe it or not I currently have every operating system in the house and love them for what they are. I also am not afraid to move to something else if it is better. I want the best or the best compromise for a certain situation. I am also not afraid to mince my words if I don’t agree with something.

Currently my phone of daily choice is the HTC One. My backup phone for when my daily adventures may be more rough and tumble due to the outdoor weather environment of Dartmoor, is the Nokia Lumia 620. In fact I have a weak spot for this phone and the operating system. iPad Mini for tablet viewing and for work I have a Blackberry Curve.

My phone and tablet choices change quite a lot, but I have to say I don’t dislike any platform. I like to find the positive attributes of each platform, and apply them to a given situation.

My dream smartphone doesn’t exist yet but it is getting close. My key ingredients for this phone would be practically unbreakeable, water and dust resistant,a 5 inch 1080p screen, week long battery life with auto charging via light, stunning audio quality and speakers and pureview 808 camera quality or higher, all in a 9mm body with expandable memory and replaceable battery.

Problem is that if a company manufactured the perfect smartphone as described above, nobody would really need to buy another. And that is why you will never get to this stage as companies need you always to have and want an upgrade path.

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