HTC One – The Final Verdict

Over the last few weeks I have reviewed, blogged and written everything and anything on the HTC One. To recap what I have written, look above at the Review tab, and then click on HTC One.

So this will be my last post on the HTC One, as I have murdered it to death. Not literally.

So what are my final views.

Style – its stunning. It’s the first phone I just can’t bear to put a case or screen protector on. I have 4 cases, but none last more than 1 hour on the phone. Normally, I have a collection of 20 plus cases per phone. It’s so beautifully made, that it makes you want to pick it up, hold it and admire it. It also makes every other phone seem inferior.

Sound – the stereo front speakers do make a difference and provide an enjoyable experience with all media, games and even sat nav instructions are loud but also very clear. The output via the headphones sounds good using the beats audio option.

Sense 5 – if you get this phone , don’t delete Sense 5 or remove Blinkfeed. Leave everything in its default state for at least a week to experience the setup HTC have provided. The fonts and graphics are grown up and don’t look cartoonish. The phone is not overloaded with excessive software or bloatware. Blinkfeed grows on you, and is IMO quite useful.

Camera – with this camera you will capture wonderful shots of people and your pets. Scenic shots are average, due to the lack of detail from the 4mp camera. The Zoe feature, and all the camera software works brilliantly. Video highlights, and sharing is a breeze. Also as the camera is 4mp the file sizes are small and don’t take a lot of space up. The camera has a knack of taking a photo first time perfectly every time. Capturing motion is phenomenal. It should be as it can take 8 photos a second at full quality. I also like the menu setup on the One, and find it quick and easy to jump between the options as required.

Experience – HTC have tried really hard to make the hardware and software work in unity. Once you spend time with the phone, it becomes a joy to use. Nothing is over complicated. It just works. Even the setup out of the box is simple. It’s an iPhone experience but better. An an example to its simplicity, you can listen to your music with beats on or off. No graphic equaliser complicating matters. Just beats on or off. You will leave beats on though.

Screen – awesome. Reading text is fantastic. And is everything else.

Battery life – after a few weeks it varies from reasonable to average dependent on how hard I push it. But I always make it from 6am to midnight. Just.

Memory – the HTC One includes an a decent set of apps as standard. Therefore despite my best efforts I only have added 64 apps, and 20 of those are games. That means less space is needed to achieve your probable setup. I have installed music, videos, feature films, photos and more and have 14gb still left. That has really surprised me. And as the camera photos are small file sizes, you can snap away happily.

Software – HTC have included some decent software, covering most aspects from business to pleasure. Even a flashlight app. But nothing bloatware. The phone includes a FM radio which many top devices now exclude. In fact the software, visuals and Sense 5 all work seamlessly together.

Conclusion – its a cracker of a phone. In a league of its own. And provides a very enjoyable user experience. At times, you forget its android! I could go on and on and on, but it truly just sells itself.


7 thoughts on “HTC One – The Final Verdict

  1. I almost agree with everything here, but of course, not quite 🙂

    First, I think you may be confusing Sense with the Launcher part of Sense. Sure, the Launcher is part of Sense, but by putting Nova on as I did after a day or so, I have lost nothing except Blinkfeed, which frankly I consider a plus, as I can use Pulse to get me the exact feeds I want.

    I do think the hardware is excellent, and you can put it in a League by all means, but that would have to be a league with the iPhone 4 / 4S and 5 in it in my opinion.

    By Memory, you mean Storage of course, and I agree that 32GB is probably fine for most people. I have used 12gb of the 32 and don’t feel like I have much on there yet, and I have no music at all.

    I am not yet achieving such good results as I do with the iPhone 5, but I think that is a case of getting as familiar with it as I am with the iPhone, and I don’t feel like I can just pick it up and use it endlessly as I feel I can the iPhone.

    Not ready at all to give my final opinion, more testing yet, and may have to swap for a black one 😉



  2. I’ve stuck with the standard launcher and really like blinkfeed, setup with the topics that you like it works really well.
    First android phone that has come anywhere close to the iPhone for me. Part of that is the Aluminium construction, but also the sense customisation.
    Great device.


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