HTC One – Review Part 9

Over the last week I have written daily reviews of the HTC One, with camera examples, was a guest in a podcast and more. To read everything on the HTC One click here.

In today’s post I am going to cover compatibility with HTC Media Link HD but first I discovered an extra function with the TV app. When I was first using the app, I couldn’t find a button to change the external inputs. Below is a screen shot of the TV app.


Notice the standby/power icon, top right. You would think this would turn off your TV. It does,but not straight away, as pressing it reveals the following screen.


As you can now see the input and power options are available.

Now on to the HTC Media Link HD. Does this work with the HTC One and do you need it. First up, it does work, but I had a faulty HDMI cable which caused me some grief until I realised I needed a new cable. After a quick pairing, the TV screen is showing you to swipe up on the HTC One with 3 fingers. This connects the two devices. The HTC One screen rotates to landscape and looks as below.


The odd part is how Blinkfeed works connected to the HTC Media Link HD. Tapping on a news item just reveals a photo and no text, as shown below.


The applications folder switches to alphabetical mode and landscape.


Photos and video are all displayed in landscape. Movies did not get played on the HTC One at the same time as watching the TV screen. Gaming doesn’t work very well using the Media Link HD. However, the clarity of the displayed image is awesome.

If you have a wifi enabled/DNLA TV you don’t need this gadget, but I have found that cropped and panoramic photos wouldn’t display via DNLA but were fine with the HTC Media Link HD. I have raised this issue with HTC, so if I get any updates, I will let you know.

From now on each day I am just going to post about my HTC One experience and anything I discover as I undertake my One journey. Feel free to ask questions too.

I have been playing a few podcasts, and the One is fantastic for this as the built in speakers are clear and loud enough to enable me to still listen to the podcast while I move around from room to room. It seems a rather basic thing, decent speakers, but the difference is noticeable.

Any how enough for today, catch up with you all tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “HTC One – Review Part 9

  1. Superb review. I’ve read them all and this is one of the very best. Perhaps the best. How do I subscribe to your blog?


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