HTC First and Facebook Home – The Implications

The above announcement of the HTC First, a Facebook phone and an app you can download on Google Play, Facebook Home was a major piece of news yesterday.

Facebook has just thrust itself aggressively into the mobile space and even Facebook declared its future was now firmly in the mobile space.

What was clever about the announcement is that it is a two pronged attack. Hardware and software. The HTC First is a 720p screen, 2000 maH battery, 16gb memory, 1gb ram, available in 4 colours and has Facebook deeply integrated. Facebook Home is a new launcher for a select number of phones.

With all of the above a key fact is Google Search is replaced with Facebook search. Search is essential for Google for its income. What Facebook has done is not only offered a fully inclusive piece of hardware along with a total experience on the software, but offered to convert other devices with a free download and remove Google’s income.

It is possible to being back Google search after installing Facebook home, but it won’t be long before Facebook offers its own App Store and more.

One thing is very certain, the battle for the mobile landscape is really hearing up between amazon, Facebook , Google, Amazon, Samsung and maybe HTC.



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