HTC One – Review Part 7

Welcome back to my last part of my HTC One review along with my conclusion. To read my other parts on the HTC One click here.

Today, I’m going to cover off the other stuff included by HTC. Firstly you get a full copy of Polaris Office and a PDF Reader. You then get a lovely stocks app, which can also link in to Blinkfeed. See screen shot.


There is also a news and weather app, that can be set up to sync automatically. See below.



Next up is the Notes app which can be setup to sync with Evernote. You can hand scribble a note in several colours, audio record a note, or add a photo. You can share the note, add it to a calendar event and more. A very good app.

Also installed is a Task app which syncs if required to Google Tasks. Again, functionally with the ability to have task categories too.

A rather unusual app is Best Deals. It is like Groupon and can link in to Blinkfeed. It can find local deals and you can setup the parameters to your liking.


The last app I am going to mention is Tips & Tricks. This gets updated automatically too. It also can be included in to Blinkfeed. It features useful how to videos, guides on using all the phone and has a search option. Such a great app, and it gets updated.



So in summary the HTC One is unlike any android phone I have ever had. It feels like a totally refreshing user experience. All the software links into each other, syncs with something, interacts with Blinkfeed, and it is the first phone whereby I have only installed 45 apps/games. That’s because it includes so much out of the box. It doesn’t have bloatware just fully functional and useful features and benefits. Everything has a benefit to you the user. The camera is excellent with its various modes, super easy editing, Zoe mode and loads more. The sound and audio are first class. The setup procedure and manual is the best I have ever seen. And the phone is the best looking device available. HTC really have thought about every menu, user interaction and kept it easy to use but still a powerful capable device. Plus the battery will last a day even if you use it a lot. It is also the first android phone that won’t have a new launcher added. All in all, it just works out of the box, like an iPhone but better.

This was going to be the end, but I know you guys and girls are all too addicted to reading about the HTC One, so part 8 is tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “HTC One – Review Part 7

  1. Thanks much for your on-going review of the HTC One. It makes a world of difference from one who actually took the time, sweat and effort to learn about the device and reported real world usage experience as opposed to those who simply go by spec. Thank you very much and I hope to read more of your reviews going forward.


  2. Wauw, great blog. Can’t wait (especially after reading this!) till my Black One arrives… hopefully next week…


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