HTC One – Review Part 6

Further to my earlier HTC One review posts I will cover off the settings available on the HTC One. Just to recap, I’ve now have one home screen Blinkfeed, the camera is proving excellent with fun results using Zoe mode as well as all the pre and post editing of stills and video, the sound output via the speakers is loud and clear, the sound output via the headphones is exceptionally high quality and loud and the enjoyment factor has just increased. And this phone looks damn good.

The settings can be accessed via the notification centre or from the settings app. In the notification centre there is top right a settings icon. There are no toggles for settings. The design of the settings is a lovely white background. See below.




It is a very simple process to adjust the different settings. This I found is due to the fact you are not overwhelmed by options as you would be in a Samsung Galaxy device. The settings app works in portrait or landscape which is a neat touch. Under media output is more. This has further options for usage , VPN, mobile network sharing and NFC. The battery life on the One is strong enough to leave wifi and GPS enabled. I would do the same with Bluetooth if I used it. The One offers many options to personalise your phone. Tap the personalise setting menu and there are further options available. You can change the default lock screens from no lock screen (genius idea), wallpaper, productivity, photo album and music. See below.




The HTC One has three home screens enabled but you can add or delete them except for Blinkfeed. You can however make any home screen your default. Trust me that its worth just having Blinkfeed and nothing else. You will need to make sure you have setup Blinkfeed correctly and if you have it will serve you well. I have also been using no lock screen mode. It is so much faster . Why do we need a lock screen ? If you like widgets and apps on your home screen you can add them to your hearts content.

From the personalise screen you can change your tones. The next option is accounts and sync. I love the way you can integrate contacts from other services into your people app. You can sync twitter, Facebook, Flickr , Dropbox, google, HTC , LinkedIn, news, stocks, tips & help (very useful app), Watch, weather and more. You can also control what get synced and displayed. Location manages location services and gps. Accessibility is for people with slight disabilities to help make the device easier to use. Backup and Reset. This enables you to backup to either Google or HTC . This backs up your settings, accounts, passwords, bookmarks, and apps daily over wifi. If you select HTC the backup is stored on Dropbox. You get 23gb free storage for 2 years with Dropbox too. Display, gestures and buttons . Here you can select to auto rotate screen on or off, keep the screen awake or select auto sleep, change font size, brightness or auto brightness , notification flash settings, turn on 3 finger gestures for sharing and other stuff and calibrate the G Sensor. You have the manage app options, storage menu plus the ability to clear storage space, select options for the language and keyboard including slide input and alter the date and time. There are developer options and software update on or off too.

Tomorrow I will cover off some miscellaneous items and summarise my key thoughts about the HTC One.


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